Sofia & Jack: Pets Evolution

Let’s team up with Sofia & Jack on their first adventure – an epic journey to rescue kidnapped animals from a cruel experiment by Dr. Wings.

Save our animals by evolving baby pets into heroes and releasing new species in a FREE evolution game with 4 ZONES and 20 MAPS waiting to be discovered.


  • You’re not alone on this journey because Sofia, Jack, Scarlet and Jojo are always ready to help.
  • 40 ANIMALS are waiting to be rescued from the cruel Dr. Wings.
  • Sofia & Jack speak 10 languages because love for animals knows no borders.
  • We’ll travel to 4 ZONES and 20 MAPS, discovering different terrains: from dry deserts to green tropics, the freezing arctic and the wetlands.
  • Equip your heroes with 4 POWERFUL ELEMENTS – Fire, Ice, Thunder and Blade.


  • Combine 2 animals of the same kind to evolve them and create your pet heroes.
  • Merge 2 heroes to break a jail and rescue a new baby animal.
  • Tap, tap, tap to collect coins for taking care of your pets

Are you ready for the e-wow-lution?

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