Sofia & Jack: Forest Heroes

The world of Sofia & Jack hasn’t been peaceful since the invasion of Dr.Wings and his evil army. After a fierce battle, the squad of Defenders successfully pushed the robot enemies out of Sofia & Jack’s homeland. This time, Sofia, Jack and their loyal allies, Scarlet and Jojo, are facing one of the worst wildfires in history, which is threatening the lives of many of the creatures living there.

We need your help again! Do you hear our call? Join us in saving these innocent creatures from the verge of extinction and help us restore the beautiful habitat of Sofia & Jack’s world.


  • Don’t miss out on this fantastic adventure! You’ll be empowered by the wild plants and animals in the forest - the SQUIRRELS, DRAGONFLIES, and many magnificent, ANCIENT FLOWERS etc… Each of them will give you a hand in pushing the fire back.
  • Meet new minions who will help you to win battles along the way.
  • Travel through 200 MAPS and complete many MISSIONS to activate your SUPER ABILITIES.


  • The object of the game is to become forest heroes and protect Sofia & Jack’s hometown against the worst wildfires in history.
  • To fight the fire, use your finger and TAP anywhere on the screen to shoot water out.
  • Remember you can use your coins to UPGRADE your Firehose and don’t forget to keep earning ability points.
  • Be aware! The fire is spreading fast, and you have to be careful at the very end of each stage! There are still mysteries waiting for you to explore.

Are you ready to win? Tap, tap, tap and go!

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